"At the present time there is
a remnant chosen by grace."
-Romans 11:5 - 

The Remnant School of Ministry was birthed out of Dwelling Place Network - a ministry founded by Pastors Bobby and Jade Bledsoe. Their heart is for the lost to know God,
for the prodigal to come back home, and for God's children to know their purpose.

We are here to develop the leader inside of you. That starts with finding your identity in the Lord. Who does He say you are? [GROW] You will learn how to listen and follow the voice of God. [GUIDE] Finally, we will send you out into the world, making disciples of
all nations. [GO!]

Will You Answer the Call?

Core Curriculum

We are partnering with the Berean Bible College as well as adding our own original classes. During your first year our goal is to establish your true identity in Christ and teach you how to walk in it.

First Semester

• Christ in the Synoptic Gospels
• Old Testament Survey
• Intro. to Theology
• Intro. to Pentecostal Doctrine
• Simple Devotion
• Awaken the Lion (Men)
• Awaken the Lioness (Women)
• Victory in Identity 

Second Semester

• Intro. to Hermeneutics
• New Testament Survey
• A Spirit Empowered Church
• Spiritual Gifts & the 5 Fold Ministry
• Relationships & Ethics in Ministry
• Evangelism & Revival
• Honors Reward
• Awaken the Lion ( Men)
• Awaken the Lioness (Women)


Year Tuition: $5000

Option 1: One Time Payment

  • $150 Registration Fee
  • $4750 if paid by August 15th (saves $250)
  • $5000 if paid after August 15th

Option 2: Payment Plan

  • $150 Registration Fee
  • $2500 down-payment by August 15th
  • $312.50 monthly payments (8 months)

September 15th - April 15th (by Auto Draft)


$4000 + $300 (refundable security deposit)

Option 1: One Time Payment

  • $4300 due by September 1st

Option 2: Payment Plan

  • $1500 + $300 by September 1st
  • $187.50 monthly payments (8 months)

September 15th - April 15th (by Auto Draft)